Snore Guards

A snore guard is a device fitted into your month to prevent snoring. It does that by preventing your jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat while you’re sleeping. (the relaxation of the muscles of your nose, jaw and tongue causes them to collapse). One of the main reason why people snore is the tongue dropping back into the throat and the wind from the airways “flaps” your mouth’s soft tissue like a flag. Basically, your lower jaw and tongue restricted the air flow and this increases the speed of which the wind is traveling. This can be so serious that your airways is completely blocked by your lower jaw and tongue that you literally stops breathing for 30 seconds or more. This condition is called sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea. The term “apnea” means “no breathe” in Greek so that explains it all. If your nose, jaw and tongue relaxes too much during sleep and collapses against the throat during your sleep and blocks the airway for more than 30 seconds, it’s be definition, sleep apnea. If the same thing happens (the collapsing of your jaw, nose and tongue) but it doesn’t’t collapse completely then you will get snoring. Sleep apnea causes your body to jolt and wake up several times every night to catch some oxygen you’ve been missing. (even though you might not know it because you’re not awake but going to a lighter level of sleep) As a result, people with snoring problems are usually fatigued, depressed, moody or just sleepy throughout the day.