Implant Crowns & Bridges

What can a dental implant crown procedure do for you? Well, dental implants have been around for many years and are specifically known for their subtle natural looking results. Implants also reduce excess damage to your healthy existing teeth, which bridges often can cause.

Dental implant crowns are a basic procedure that can be done within a few visits with Doctor Goodman or Doctor Stein and their Dental Implant Surgeon Colleagues. This specific dental method is for patients who wish to change their smile to an exceptional one. Essentially, a dental implant crown is a new root made from titanium. The use of a zirconium connector allows us to attach a ceramic implant crown that gives it a more natural looking glaze and shine that you have been searching for.


Most patients find that a dental implant is secure, stable and a good replacement for their own tooth. There are generally three phases to getting an implant:

  • First, Dr. Goodman or Stein surgically places the implant into the jawbone. They may recommend a diet of soft foods, cold foods and warm soup during the healing process.
  • Next, the bone around the implant heals in a process called osseointegration. What makes an implant so strong is that the bone actually grows around it and holds it in place. Osseointegration means “combines with the bone” and takes time. Some patients might need to wait until the implant is completely integrated, up to several months, before replacement teeth can be attached to the implant. Other patients can have the implants and replacement teeth placed all in one visit.
  • Finally, it’s time for the placement of the artificial tooth/teeth. For a single tooth implant, your dentist will customize a new tooth for you, called a dental crown. The crown will be based on size, shape, color and fit, and will be designed to blend in with your other teeth.